Our Trusted Team

We have hand selected our collaborating partners, to provide a unique and custom events, with top of the line service. Get to know our team and services they provide.


Founded by Lewis Grell in 2002, LG Event Entertainment and Production is proud to serve as America’s most innovative, dynamic and reliable event and entertainment partner.
LG provides, custom vinyl, neons ,event production, photobooth and more.


Owner - Stacie Holyoak
Every arrangement is designed and created for each client individually. Stacie and her team capture the essence of what the client is trying to communicate and let it show through the floral artwork that is 100% handmade.


Owner - Clara Hough
Their mission is to offer the finest quality products at the highest level of service. We provide personalized attention to every detail. Our goal is to provide that extra touch of beauty, elegance, and style, making every event an occasion to be remembered.

The Knot